Vision for the Tui's

We believe that children are confident and competent individual learners and in the Tui room we work towards building a love of learning before children move into the more structure primary school environment.  Our curriculum involves individual planning for each child, as well as group expedited learning.  At 4 years old children also initiate much of their own learning from their passions and interests.  We encourage children to set their own learning goals and work alongside them to support them in achieving them.

As a teaching team our teaching practice is guided by the identified priorities for children’s learning.  We focus on children's knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions.  We actively plan the next learning steps for each child and believe that an effective & fun learning environment should include open questions, modelling conversations and desired behaviours and supporting and extending their learning.  To facilitate a love of learning we integrate literacy and numeracy into meaningful experiences for children.

We provide a school readiness programme based around developing social and emotional competencies.  We also provide a phonics based literacy programme to introduce phonics to children in preparation of going to school.  We want our children to be happy, content, confident individuals who are ready for their move to school.