Programme Planning at Remuera Discovery Express follows the New Zealand Preschool Curriculum Te Whaariki.  Planning for children's learning is based on children's interests and their skills, knowledge, attitudes and dispositions.  As a child develops and progresses our aim is to foster and keep developing their knowledge and skills & strengthen their dispositions.  

Individual planning focuses on each child.  Our educators assess a child by noticing what they are interested in, recognising the learning that is occuring and then respond to this learning with a focus on supporting this knowledge and extending it.  Learning extension is done through a variety of means such as open and indepth questioning, researching the topic with the child, setting up an environment to facilitate further learning and integrating this with numeracy & literacy if suitable.  We also aim to foster childrens many important dispositions such as perseverance, confidence, creativity and so on.  These dispositions are a key part of being successful as an adult, so it is very important start to develop strong dispositions at a young age.

Group planning occurs when an interest develops amongst a number of children.  In order to foster learning groups are provided with opportunities to learn through research, environmental set ups and it may extend to a trip outside of the childcare centre.

At Remuera Discovery Express the Emergent curriculum occurs daily.  We see this when children develop their own learning pathways and interests and take them in a multitude of directions.  Our educators facilitate this learning by listening, observing and providing opportunities for children to explore their ideas and test them out.  There is a great deal of learning that occures through discovery, success and failure.